Viplus Dairy makes generous donations to local Toora Community

Toora primary school and Toora bowls club benefit from Viplus contributions

Representatives from Viplus Dairy Pty. Ltd., Ross Cameron – Quality Assurance Manager and Jason Qi – Marketing Manager were out and about supporting the community of Toora recently. The beneficiaries were the Toora Primary School and the Toora bowls club.

We arrived to a very warm welcome from the students. The students have been doing Asian studies, and were keen to show off what they had learnt, much to the delight of us all.

Mr. Ross Cameron then presented the principal of Toora primary school with a cheque for $2,950.00 which is to be used for updating the Pinnell and Fountas reading system which will allow teachers to assess and benchmark, using a common system that ranges from Prep to year 9. The principal, David Tyler, stated that it is vital as all students learn at different rates and we currently do not have a system that allows us to accurately assess our more advanced readers. Viplus was moved by the intended literacy program which would allow students the support needed moving toward excellence in education.

Schools are the backbone of any community, especially in rural areas, they serve not only as educational facilities for growing members of the community, but in times of need can be used as muster points in times of emergencies. At times such as these, a viable, working outside area is vital. Viplus was happy to support Toora primary school in their endeavours. A certificate of appreciation was presented by the school captain, Kurtis Storrto, and was accepted by Ross Cameron.

The Toora bowls club president, Mr. Ray Lecher and vice president John Richardson were presented with a donation of $3,000.00 for the 50 year celebration book due out in September, 2015 written by Neil Everitt who will no doubt be including the real history of the club with all those special stories that make for a good read – bowlers beware your story may make up part of this fabulously entertaining book.

Toora bowls club, which lies in the shadow of the iconic chimney of the factory, has been part of the community for approximately 50 years being used for weddings and at times funerals. Ray Lecher, the president was proud of the history of the club together with the fact that the club is and has always been supported by the ladies, who always cater to satisfaction. Toora is a small community club by some standards, but has always held its head up high, not only with having around 50 members, but by being competitive on the greens, being successful in winning many pennants over time.

Meanwhile at the factory, the second stage is well underway, with the extension of the existing building to cater for the planned expansion of canning and bagging facilities. Viplus Dairy is committed to having from cow to can in 24 hours maximising nutrition and self-life of product with a proposed time frame of 12-18 month. This includes dryers and a lot of specialised equipment and staff.

IT is envisaged that when the new part of the building is finished and the older part is revamped, the plant, when completed, Viplus will have the capacity to export a container every day to overseas and Australian customers. This is not only good for the local community but for Australia as well.

From humble beginnings, Viplus has grown and intends to continue to be woven into the fabric of the community, so that all Australians can be proud of the company and efforts of the hard working staff that are at the cutting edge of putting Toora and Gippsland on the world map with innovative and quality products.

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