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ViPlus Showcases a Stronger Future for South Gippsland

ViPlus Dairy, Australia’s premier supplier of high quality milk powder formula products based in Gippsland, today announced the extension to the partnership with Burra Foods for local milk powder supply for its products.

At a prestigious event “Celebrating South Gippsland Producers” today, jointly organised by the Economic Development, Department of the South Gippsland Shire and ViPlus Dairy, Australian and Chinese media along with other invited guests were showcased the best of the agricultural producers of South Gippsland starting at the Toora headquarters of ViPlus. The local producers showcased at the event included a local cheese producer, a wine producer, a boutique Brewery & Distillery and an organic chicken farming facility, as well as a tour of the Burra Foods facility.

Viplus Dairy is critical to the economic corridor of South Gippsland in that the facility supports much of the Toora community through jobs as
well as support of local sporting clubs, the Toora primary school and the dairy museum, South Gippsland Shire said.

Gippsland is the heart of Australia’s clean and green dairy industry. The more ViPlus expands production the greater the future for the whole dairy industry. It means more jobs in Toora in the future and it means the ultimate beneficiaries are local dairy farmers, Mr Cunningham said.

Viplus Wins awards at Australian Dairy Product Competition


2017 DIAA competition winner
2017 DIAA Award Viplus

Viplus Global Business


Austrade and the Victorian Department of Agriculture facilitated a visitation by a delegation of business leaders from around the world, South-East Asia, China and the Middle East, on September 15 to the Viplus Dairy (Viplus+ nutritional milk powder manufacturing plant at Toora in Gippsland, Australia.

The delegation of twenty (20) business leaders, included AGM West Hope Group (Sichuan China), KCG (Thailand) & J B Trading Co(Bangladesh) were able to view first hand state-of-the-art equipment in full operation enabling Viplus+ to transform milkpowder into nutritional health formulas for its valued customers.

The delegation was particularly impressed by the modern facilities at Toora, the broad range of products and Viplus+ dedication to supporting individual customer’s unique needs.

These delegates are attending the Australia Agri-Food Innovation Summit 2016 held this week in Melbourne at which Viplus+announced that it was working with Beijing Sports University to begin clinical trials on a new nutritional milk “Sports” drink.

Viplus+ has developed a new sports product range that is different utilizing dairy based proteins rather than vegetable or soy based proteins used in most sports recovery drinks.

ViPlus chief operating officer Peter Cunningham said about the delegation’s visit:

“It was very exciting to host business leaders from our key trading nations interested in Australia’s reputation for producing the highest quality dairy products in the world.’’

“We are very proud of our achievements at Viplus+ and it’s privilege to share our story with key overseas businesses interested in increasing their trade with Australia. We strive to be true innovators at Viplus+ and look forward to working with existing and future customers to enhance the products we offer.

Viplus Dairy Begins Partnership with Beijing Sports University to conduct Clinical Trials for new Sports Nutritional Drink


Viplus Dairy (Viplus+), Australia’s premier supplier of quality milk formulas based in Gippsland, Victoria, today announced it was working with China’s top sports university to soon begin clinical trials on a new sports drink derived from a nutritional powdered milk base.

At the Australia Agri-Food Innovation Summit 2016, (AAFIS), currently being held in Melbourne, Viplus+ announced that Beijing Sports University would begin clinical trials on the new sports nutritional milk drink in October, 2016.

Viplus+ has jointly engineered this new sports product range to include dairy based proteins rather than the vegetable or soy based proteins used in most sports recovery drinks.

Clinical trials with Beijing Sports University will test how this new formulation maximises benefits to athletes, especially in muscle recovery after exercise.

A range of new innovations announced by Viplus+ today at AAFIS, include, a new Low GI milk powder aimed at helping diabetics and the first post-natal milk formula for lactating mothers aimed at enhancing nutrients received by babies during breast feeding.

Viplus+ chief operating officer Peter Cunningham said:

“Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Viplus+. We continue as an industry leader in developing new products to service new markets and look after our important existing clients. We are proud of the achievements at Viplus+ the jobs created in Gippsland, Victoria, coupled with the overall strong economic growth in the company”

A spokesperson for the Sports Science College at the Beijing Sports University confirmed:

“We are working closely with our manufacturing partner Viplus+ in Australia to develop a Formulated Sports Nutritional drink under a clinical trial.”

Viplus+ postnatal milk formula for lactating mothers is the first product of its type released in Australia and is expected to attract significant consumer interest both in Australia and in the export market.

Viplus Dairy resumes full production with CNCA approval


Viplus Dairy Pty Ltd, (Viplus), is delighted to announce that on Friday December 9th, the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA), lifted its temporary suspension of Viplus’s licence, thereby allowing re-commencement of importation of all Viplus milk powder products into China.

Viplus thanks the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) for its strong support during this review process, highlighting Viplus’s long track record of delivering high quality products and confirming that Viplus operates in compliance with both Australian and Chinese food safety standards.

“Viplus is delighted by CNCA’s announcement and was confident that the review process would confirm that Viplus operates to the highest standards in delivering high quality nutritional milk powder into China,’’ said Peter Cunningham, CEO of Viplus Dairy.

“Viplus is entering a new exciting phase in its development following the company’s multi-million dollar investment into its Toora milk powder processing facility and also plans to commence production at its Clayton factory as well in 2017. With CNCA review satisfactorily completed, Viplus can aggressively pursue the next stage of its growth plans,’’ Mr Cunningham said.

“Our commitment is to ensure a strong and successful future for all our employees, clients and all other supporters of Viplus. We continue to seek out new growth opportunities in various Asian markets, whilst remaining strongly committed to the China space that forms an integral part of Viplus’s growth strategy. Viplus looks forward to a very exciting 2017.” he said.

Viplus Dairy guarantees to provide the best
quality milk formula in Australia.

Superior Product Quality

Viplus Dairy prides itself on sourcing only the finest ingredients for the entire range of Milk Powder products.

Environmental Sustainability

Reducing our carbon footprint is considered in every aspect of our manufacturing processes from product line to distribution.

World Leading Food Safety

The location of Viplus Dairy alone exemplifies the importance we place on clean , stringent food safety practises.

Economic & Social Development

Viplus Dairy has been selcted as one of the key planks of regional development for the Gippsland Victorian corridor.

Manufacturing & Technology

Viplus Dairy remains at the forefront of technical developments in quality equipment and ingredient composition.

Community Engagement

A strong sense of community connection and sourcing local labour is a key platform to a sustainable Viplus Dairy business in Toora.

“Viplus Dairy feel that breast milk is the best milk for babies, and recommend consultation with your physician prior to commencing a bottle feeding program.”

Our Infant Formula Range

Viplus Dairy manufacturer high quality milk powders for both domestic and export markets. Our products include, Full Cream and Skim Milk Powder retail programs, Aged Care nutrition and a range of infant formula’s for all growing stages.

Elder Nutrition Formula 40+
Elder Nutrition Formula 40+
Pregnancy Formula M1
Pregnancy Formula M1
Pro 1 + Infant Formula
Pro 1 + Infant Formula

Viplus Dairy makes generous donations to local Toora Community

Toora primary school and Toora bowls club benefit from Viplus contributions

Set in picture perfect dairy country.

Our dairy plant is set in the Toora area of South Gippsland Victoria, one of Australia’s most famous and beautiful dairy regions.

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