Our History

120 Years of the Best Dairy Quality

The dairy industry in Toora, South Gippsland has been a way of life for over 120 years with dairy farming providing a stable, clean, green and economically viable environment for the people of South Gippsland.

ViPlus Dairy is proud to represent the Gippsland community through its recent acquisition of the old dairy factory in Toora which began it’s life in 1893 and turns 120 years old this year. Although a recent venture for the ViPlus Dairy, the company is committed to the future success of the dairy industry in Toora. The Toora cream wagon delivered cream and dairy products to shops from the factory in the late 1800s. 

Timeline of the Dairy Industry in Toora

1893 – 1902 Toora Creamery and Butter Co.
1902 – 1904 Melbourne Chilled Butter Company.
1904 – 1948 J.E Handlbury & Sons
1948 – 1953 British United Dairies
1957 – 1974 British United Dairies became Tooalac Milk Products
1974 – 1985 Unigate
1985 – 1987 DBF (Drouin Butter Factory)
1987 – 2008 Bonlac Foods
2013  – ViPlus Dairy